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Music of Emanu-El

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”



Beautiful music has the power to stir the soul.

Such music is an essential element of the worship services at Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach – both in terms of instruments and voice.

Cantor Meir Finkelstein is more than just a Cantor – he is a renowned singer and composer whose music is played in synagogues all over the world. We are delighted to have him at Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach and invite you to join us at Services, either in-person or online.

Our pianist, Claudio Waisgluss brings incredible musical instincts to our worship services.  He’s not only a skilled musician, composer, and artist, he’s also a mensch who brings joy and warmth to all that he does.

Please click on any of the blue boxes below to listen to just some of the musical artistry you are likely to hear at services at Temple Emanu-El.  All of the music here was recorded live during services, so what you will hear in the recordings is what you will experience in person in our Sanctuary.

Our Jewish tradition tells us to “Sing to God a new song…”  We hope the music of Emanu-El will help you do just that.


All music performed by Cantor Meir Finkelstein and Pianist Claudio Waisgluss, unless otherwise noted.


Shalom Rav




Elohai Elohi – New Version


L’chu N’ranena


The Prayer


Burn (from Hamilton), Performed by Emily Finklestein


Je Veux Vivre (from Romeo & Juliet) Performed by Emily Finklestein


Shalom Aleichem


Shalom Aleichem, Version 2


You Raise Me Up




B’Rosh Hashanah


B’Rosh Hashanah (Emily Finkelstein at age 11)


B’Sefer Chayim


Shema Koleinu


L’Dor Vador (Duet with Hazzan David Feuer)


Adonai Adonai (Duet with Hazzan David Feuer)


Ya’aleh (Duet with Emily Finkelstein)


Sim Shalom


Sim Shalom, Version 2 (Duet with Hazzan David Feuer)


Sim Shalom (Composed by Zina Golrich)






Birkat Cohanim / Sim Shalom






Lecha Dodi (Bossa Nova)


Shabbat Hamalka


Tov L’hodot L’Adonai


L’Dor Vador (New Composition)


Shiru L’Adonai


L’chu N’ran’na


Mi Chamocha


Adon Olam – Klezmer



All music performed by Hazzan David Feuer and Pianist Claudio Waisgluss, unless otherwise noted.


Adon Olam (Based on Leonard Cohen’s Halleluyah)


Adon Olam (with Latin Guitar)


Adon Olam (to O Sole Mio)


Adonai Adonai, El Rachum v’Chanun


Alfonsina y el mar (Argentinian Folk Song)


Ani Ma’amin


Ani Ma’amin (Performed by Emily Elizabeth K.)


Avinu Malkeinu


B’Rosh Hashanah (Performed with Emily Elizabeth K.)


B’Rosh Hashanah (Hazzan Feuer solo)


B’Sefer Chayim


B’Sefer Chayim (Performed by Emily Elizabeth K., Age 14.)




Concierto de Aranjuez – Selections (by Joaquín Rodrigo)


Esa Einai


Hashkiveinu (Performed together with Rabbi Michael Resnick)


Horshat HaEukaliptus (Israeli Folk Song)


Im Eshkahech Yerushalayim – If I Forget You Jerusalem (Performed by Kate R.)


Ki Anu Amecha


L’dor V’dor  (Performed together with Elaine Rotenberg)


Mevarchim HaHodesh


Oseh Shalom


Oseh Shalom (Performed together with Mya B., Age 13)


Oseh Shalom (Based on the music of the band Nava Tehila, based in Jerusalem.)


Pitchu Li


Prayer for Israel (Performed by Mya B. Age 13)


Sanctuary (Vocals: Rabbi Danielle Upbin. Piano: Claudio Waisgluss)


Schindler’s List – Theme (Played on Kol Nidrei by Claudio Waisgluss on Piano and Ian Flatt on Cello)


Shalom Rav


Shehechiyanu (Performed by Emily Elizabeth K.)


Shehechiyanu (Performed by Mya B., Emily Elizabeth K. and Kate R.)


Sim Shalom Tova U’racha 


Rosh Hodesh




Unatana Tokef


V’Al Kulam




Vayechulu (Performed by Elaine Rotenberg in memory of her teacher, Cantor Morton Shames z”l)


Zamru L’Adonai


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