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Temple Emanu-El

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Kiddush, Flowers & Food Baskets

“Who is honored? One who honors others.”

Pirkei Avot 4:1

OnegSponsoring an Oneg Shabbat, Kiddush Lunch, Bimah Flowers, or Food Basket is a wonderful way to sanctify and share an important moment in your life, and help support Temple Emanu-El at the same time.

Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat, or a Kiddush Lunch

An Oneg Shabbat and Kiddush Lunch can only be ordered by visiting or calling the Temple Office at 561-832-0804. Please contact us for pricing.

Note: Sponsorships are listed in our Shabbat Bulletin so please notify us of your sponsorship at least one week before the specified Shabbat so that your dedication will appear in a timely fashion.

Sponsor Shabbat Bimah Flowers

A beautiful arrangement of flowers decorating the bimah on Shabbat can be sponsored by calling the Temple office at 561.832.0804.

Food BasketSponsor a Food Basket

In lieu of flowers, many people choose to donate a food basket on the bimah. A beautiful symbolic basket of food is placed on the bimah to visually honor your sponsorship. The majority of the proceeds go to the Food Bank at the Alpert Jewish Family Service to help feed the needy in our community.  To order call the office at 561-832-0804.

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