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Pre-KadimaIn the Rothman Religious School, we believe that in today’s world it is necessary for our students to approach Judaism in creative and engaging ways. Our goal is to create a loving, supportive learning environment that speaks directly to the needs and interests of our students. We believe that we can achieve this goal by using an “out of the box” approach which is based upon all five senses.

The Rothman Religious School is proud to utilize the Shalom Learning Curriculum as the starting point for all of our educational goals. Every grade level focuses on the same core Jewish values; Teshuvah (taking responsibility for your actions), B’Tzelem Elohim (honoring the image of G-D in ourselves and others), Gevurah (using one’s inner strength to do what’s right), Achrayut (doing what you can to make the world a better place), Hakarat Hatov (seeking joy and being grateful), Koach Hadibur (understanding the power of words), and Shalom (helping create a calmer, more peaceful world). These values help shape our students in to Jewish youth that are connected to their Judaism in a deep way and will provide them with the tools to lead a meaningful Jewish life.

In addition to our Shalom Learning curriculum our students receive Hebrew language learning through the Aleph Champ program. Similar to the different colored belts a karate student earns as their skills increase; the more Hebrew our students learn, the more medals they earn. We also provide weekly one-on-one Hebrew instruction via skype that helps our students reinforce what they have been learning in class. This year we are also adding another level of Hebrew instruction to the Rothman Religious School, each student will receive their own log in to an online portal that will provide self-paced Hebrew lessons that can be done on each student’s schedule.

At the Rothman Religious School we begin each day with a Family Tefillah Service, this service is modeled after a Shabbat morning service to help our students and their families become more comfortable when they come to Shabbat morning services. Our service is fun, engaging, educational, and most importantly meaningful.

To ensure everyone’s safety, our current plan is for religious school classes to begin with all of our programming online only.

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